The word “abject” is used to refer to a condition of an individual’s body that is so horrible and painful that it cannot be named. In the context of the world of work, this may be an aspect of job performance or a condition that afflicts employees.

The word is also used when referring to the emotional distress of a person who is subjected to an abusive environment, such as the workplace.

We’re all suffering from abjectness at some level. We all have a desire to be loved, to be recognized, to be respected. It can be a struggle to express these things because it feels so far from us. But to call it abjectness is a little harsh, because it doesn’t mean being so utterly, utterly, utterly helpless.

Abjectness is a word that’s all too often used by people who think their bosses are a bad person. It often goes hand-in-hand with bullying, and it can be used to describe employees who feel like their bosses don’t care about them at all. For many, this is because they’ve been subjected to abuse that they haven’t been able to process, and it’s an incredibly devastating feeling.

It might sound harsh, but abjectness is a very real feeling. Many people who work in professional environments have experienced the abjectness of working for people who are not good at their job, and whose failure to care about them at all is devastating.

Abjectness is a feeling of not feeling loved or cared about, the feeling we get when we cant feel that we are important to anyone or anything. It can also be applied to people who are chronically stressed, overworked, or just don’t feel they deserve to be in a position of power or any sort of responsibility.

One of the key goals of any organization is to help people at work feel as if they are important, that they are valued. Sometimes, they don’t really feel that way in the first place, but if we can somehow help them feel that way, that is the best we can do.

As we’ve said many times before, you cannot get to a happy place without being around people who are trying. This is especially true when you’re looking for a job, you must be around people who are having a good time, and you must be around people who are doing the right thing. Sometimes that means leaving your comfort zone to go to a place that is uncomfortable. The fact that we feel like we can not be in our comfort zone is because we are constantly looking for it.

Like most people, we are constantly looking for the good things in life, often in unhelpful ways. For example, I am always looking for the “good” things in my job and in my relationships. But the problem is that the good things I always seek are not always in the direction I want them to be.

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