My wife and I like to make an effort to be more mindful of how we treat each other in and out of the car. We talk about it. We eat mindfully, and we make a commitment to be open and honest with each other.

There’s a long way to go before we can really start to figure out how to get back to our own little world.

In the mean time, here’s a funny video from a recent trip to the mall.

The video is from a trip to the mall back in 2003. I dont know if you can tell, but this was back when we were still married and not in the throes of divorce. I had just moved out, and I don’t know if you saw my post on divorce, but I made an effort to not be overly dramatic and to enjoy myself. So I took my now-husband to the mall and he was befuddled. I mean really befuddled.

I think in most cases those two words are describing the same person, but you know what I mean. One minute he’s talking about the mall, and the next minute he’s talking about our marriage.

We had been divorced for about three years, but we definitely didn’t make it a happy season. The problem is that even the most stable marriages have to deal with a certain degree of turmoil and stress. So while some couples may be able to have a quiet, relaxed, happy time during a divorce, it’s not a sure thing. The point of divorce is to get the kids out of the house, get the divorce papers signed, and move on.

The thing is that the way we split our time over the years is much more complicated than the way we split our time for the divorce. When we split our time, we have a goal. We have goals that we want to achieve. We have goals that we want our kids to have. We want to have a good time that makes us feel like we’re living our lives. We want to be happy.

For a long time it’s been pretty hard to get a relationship with someone, but you can’t just leave him and go home. You have to find a partner. But you can’t just quit. The thing that most forces you to find a good partner doesn’t have any limits. For a long time, that was probably the goal. But eventually, that goal is the end goal. You end up with a partner that you don’t want to have.

But the end goal is what you have to look after. We want to have a good time the most, but we want to make sure that everyone else in the world is having the same thing. For one, we want everyone to be happy. We want to have fun. We want to create a positive and happy experience for everyone. If that means putting up with the usual crap that comes with a partner, then so be it.

When you are the one you want and you dont know how to do it. You are probably looking for an answer to this question, but that doesnt mean you cant be a good partner for someone that you dont know. Sure, you have to be able to do it, but you also have to be able to listen and have the courage to say, “No.

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