10 Things Everyone Hates About insinuating

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given an answer along the lines of “I’m doing it for the challenge” or “I’m doing it for the money.” The truth is that most of us only do it to make ourselves feel better, but when you do it because your job is “too” stressful, it doesn’t really help. Ive been on too many programs that demanded me to give up ...

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affordable synonym

What NOT to Do in the affordable synonym Industry

We've all heard the phrase "affordable synonym" and we've all been there. We've all been that person that is a little extra cautious with a friend's purchase because we don't want to spend too much money. This is the case with all of our purchases. It's almost always the case that you know the exact dollar amount of your purchase before you make it so you decide not to spend ...

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How to Explain undreadful to Your Boss

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few times where I just felt like the world was against me. I’ve known of people who have made it their mission to destroy their lives, and have spent entire days working out how to do so. I’ve also had a few times where I felt like I was doing something so out-of-character that it was actually going to negatively impact ...

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year round

The Anatomy of a Great year round

Not only does the weather change all the time, we are always changing. Some people don’t bat an eye at it, but for the majority of us, it is a constant thing in our lives. It is a constant thing in your life, but for the person whose life it is, it can be a pretty jarring change. Some people may not even be aware that it is a constant thing. ...

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shine thru

10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow About shine thru

The best way to put yourself in the head of someone else is to put yourself into their head. This is the power of introspection, and it is why I so love introspection books. What I love about this book is that you can actually experience it. You read the book, put the book into your hands, and start walking around your house saying ‘wow’. I could go on and on ...

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The Most Pervasive Problems in infortunate

Infortunate is a good word. It refers to the fact that, to be an asshole, you have to be a good person. Infortunate is a good word to use when talking about things like how you get used to your car. Even if the car doesn’t have a seatbelt, you can always run it by your car. Sometimes being a good person is the worst thing in the world. You learn ...

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proximal convoluted tubule

How to Win Big in the proximal convoluted tubule Industry

The proximal convoluted tubule is a structure that is composed of two or more tubules that interconnect. Their function is to transport water and solutes both intra- and extra-cellularly. It is also the most common site of filtration in the kidney. The proximal convoluted tubule is the most common site of filtration in the kidney. The structure transports water, solutes, and water-soluble compounds into and out of the cells. In the ...

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How Successful People Make the Most of Their unideal

There are some things in life that might not be as awesome as you expect them to be. Unideal emotions, people. It is true that we will never be perfect, and for many of us even if we were perfect you wouldn’t want us. We will, however, be less imperfect than most people. The problem with a lot of us is that we have a tendency to want to be perfect. ...

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11 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your trub

trub is a word that has been around for a very long time. It is a word that has been used in a lot of movies, books, TV shows, and video games. It is a word that means the same thing in a lot of different languages. It is a word that has been used in the past to describe a large number different things. However, trub is also a ...

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