heads up meaning

We are all human. We are all different.

I’m not talking about the way you look at me, or the way I look at you, or the way you look at me. I’m talking about the way we look at the world, that is how many of us look at the world.

As you might have guessed, this was a real one-man show. The first half of the trailer is pretty heavy-hitting, but the second half is heavy-hitting, and we’ve seen it through with plenty of action-packed visuals. The rest of the trailer is very light-hitting, but nothing too heavy-hitting. We can see a lot in between, but the end is always the same, and it’s an awesome trailer that is both fun and engaging.

I believe we’ve mentioned this before, but the trailer that got us into this was the first trailer we saw, which was on the 10th of November. That trailer was awesome, but the one in the trailer below was the one that got us hooked. The one in the trailer below is great, but the one in the trailer below is also great.

I’m going to be honest here: I’m not a big fan of the “heads up” trailer, which is a great video, but the trailer for Arkane’s upcoming (and very upcoming) time-looping stealth game, heads up, is awesome.

Arkane’s head-up trailer is a great example of why we love these things. It’s a very well done video, with a great video-game trailer (which we’ll get into in a bit), but there’s also a good deal of meta-cognition, and it’s not just a random clip from the trailer for the game.

Thats why we love these things.

The heads up trailer is very much in line with the philosophy that’s guiding Arkanes game. We do however, have to share that there is no such game as Arkanes Head Up Video. And if there were, we’d never play it.

I feel like that would be a fair statement. There is no Arkanes Head Up Video, there is no video game that is Arkanes.

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