What the Heck Is inquire in a sentence?

Inquire is used as a noun and verb. Inquire is an inquiry, to ask questions about.

Inquiring is another verb. Inquiring is the act of asking questions.

Inquiring is an expression of interest. In the context of a sentence, it can have the same meaning as inquire.

Inquiring is one word that is used a lot in English. It’s a verb that means to inquire about something. It’s used commonly in the following ways.1.

To ask about a person’s health.

To ask about people’s health.

Inquire is also used in the following common expressions. These expressions are used with the same meaning of inquiring with the following words.1.I want to inquire about a person’s health.To inquire about the health of a person.2.If I should inquire about something, I would like to know the answer.I would like to know the answer if I should inquire about it.3.I have received a request to inquire about a person’s health.

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