Obtrusive is a term that comes to mind as well as commonly used in the advertising industry. It’s used to describe a situation where the message has been given out in a very, very short time. It’s not always easy to get the message out quickly, so when we’re stuck on the phone, we may have to think very hard about what to do. Sometimes this is a very hard conversation to take.

The term itself is often a bit of an oxymoron because what we’re talking about is a situation where the message is already out there for anyone to see and the only way to get it out is to give it to the eye. That isn’t to say we should ignore it or ignore the message (in fact we should think about how to get it out faster), but it’s not always an easy conversation to have.

I think that it’s a conversation worth having because it’s about the things that are in the open, but so often we don’t take the time to think about and talk about them. We just keep walking around them and ignoring the problems that may already be out there waiting to be discovered. Thats a conversation that needs to happen.

I agree that the messages are pretty obtrusive. It is always tough to see the message in the dark, but it can be even more difficult when you dont have the light to see it. It is also true that some people have a tendency to ignore the messages that come their way. Even if they are clearly obvious, they are not always the easiest to ignore.

I agree with the message. I also agree that sometimes people ignore the messages (especially after the fact) and they can make it seem like they are ignoring it. In some cases its hard to remember that you are not ignoring it.

It’s hard to understand why it’s hard to see the message when you do not have it. We need to understand what it means. If you believe that the message is being sent to you, then then you have to stop and realize that it is happening. It’s just that you dont know how to look for it. It is hard to believe that you can’t see the message.

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