quaf is my new favorite drink. It is a blend of vodka and mezcal with the addition of a few ingredients that I hope you never have to taste but that make it delicious. It is easy enough to make and keeps you sipping all day long.

I like quaf because it is really addictive.

quaf is made from two different ingredients: quaffable vodka and mezcal, which is a mezcal-like component that increases the alcohol content. That’s why quaf is so popular. It’s so good that a lot of people in North America use it in cocktails. The only problem is that it’s usually a lot more expensive than the regular vodka.

I think that is why its only popular in North America. The regular vodka comes in the red of the liquor cabinet, the mezcal is the blue, and the vodka is the green. The thing is, these two ingredients are different colors and they take on different colors when mixed so mixing them together will alter the color and taste of the drink.

I’m not sure about that. I think it makes things a lot more interesting, and it’s a great way to know what you’re mixing with, so you don’t end up with watered down vodka that tastes like water.

It’s like the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. Its got to be yellow to be an orange, blue to be a green and red is an apple, so you can mix all three colors and your drink will change colors as well. There are also ways to experiment with the color of the drink, and mix them all together to get a whole new drink that you can drink in your office bathroom or at a party.

Quaffing is one of the easiest ways to learn what youre mixing with and to experiment with color combinations. It also allows you to mix things from different countries and cultures, allowing you to mix drinks from different countries or to drink different drinks from different countries. Quaffing also allows you to experiment with recipes, and as a result you can mix many different drinks in one go.

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