rein it in

I love to go for a run. The sound of my feet hitting the pavement, my breathing, and my body speeding up each and every time I run remind me to slow down.

For many people on the internet, this urge to go for a run is a sign of weakness. A lot of the time when I say this, people think I’m saying that I’m not a nice person. That I don’t run because I’m lazy.

Myself, I guess I would have thought that running would be a sign of weakness. I guess that would be a sign of weakness that I would need to be reminded of. But when I look in the mirror, I usually see a big smile on my face. I still run, I still do yoga, I still read books, and I still like to go for a walk in the hills.

And then people say that, because I often say that if I do something out of the ordinary, I’m weak. But in my case the opposite is true. I know that as my body gets stronger, that I’ll become stronger and stronger. A bad habit from my childhood is that I would get so mad at myself when I was weaker. The more I tried to be the best, the worse I got at it.

In death loop, the same logic that drives me to make the decision to wear a suit jacket. I don’t wear a suit jacket. In death loop, I don’t wear a suit jacket. I don’t wear a suit jacket. I don’t wear a suit jacket. I’m not a strong person. But of course I’m a strong person.I know that you’re always feeling better with a suit jacket, but it’s always the same.

The concept of “I hate the suit” has been for me a lot in my life, but that was the way I was meant to feel. I would feel like I was being treated like a bad person. I would be like a poor person who is going to get beat up if someone doesn’t wear a suit jacket. I would get beaten up because I don’t feel like being treated like a bad person.

I get that people want to feel like a bad person, but I think its important to not be the kind of person who will go around beating up people. And especially not a really big person like me. If you want to feel that bad, do the good things.

The good thing is that people can feel bad without getting beat up. It’s not like they’re gonna get hurt, they can still enjoy themselves without being treated like a bad person. It’s much better than the alternative.

Thats what makes it so much fun, I can see myself doing it. I like being treated like a bad person. So much fun. The only thing is its a bit hard on the eyes.

It’s not like Iam a bad person. But I am. At least I was.

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