striations definition

Striations are the lines that run along the surface of the skin. They are very different than the fine lines used in the human body, which are referred to as “carpet lines.

Striations are lines that form where your body joins your skin.

Striations are a visual phenomenon that can be seen in skin, hair, or other objects. The most common form of striation that I see is lines running along the skin. The fine lines you see in the hair follicles of your scalp are also referred to as striations. The striations run parallel to the skin. The most common example of this line is found on the eyelids. The lines are also found in the hair, which can be referred to as eyelash striations.

These lines can be seen on the skin as well as the hair. The striations are the result of your body’s movement across the top of your head, which creates the illusion of a line running along the skin. In terms of skin, the lines appear as horizontal lines of different colors. The most common striations in skin are referred to as a “curl pattern,” which are seen in the hair.

The word striation is derived from the Latin word stria, meaning “line”. These lines are created by the muscles of your scalp. You can also see them on the face, which is where they end up. The lines aren’t visible in the hair.

The appearance of striations are very easy to see. They are very subtle and are often used in tattoos. In terms of the actual lines themselves, they are created by the movement in the areas close to the hairline.

Striations are often seen in tattoo designs – especially in Japanese tattoos. They’re also used in the design of many of the characters in the anime and manga series “Yurikuma.” And on occasion, they are also used in fashion designs. In this video, the guy who was holding up the camera in front of me during the tattoo session showed me his tattoo. It’s a long line of striations that runs down his palm.

The name of the tattoo is so obvious to me that I’m willing to give it a shot, which I think is a good idea. But it’s hard to find an image of a tattoo without a story.

Tattoos are really popular nowadays, and I think they are definitely going to be one of the things that make this video memorable. I wouldn’t say its super memorable, but it’s not bad either. Some of the tattoos I saw were more interesting than others, so it’s definitely an interesting art form that is going to be popular in the future.

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