take heed

Your kids are your kids, and you are your kids. It doesn’t matter how old you are, why you want to give them a little bit of exercise, how much money they need, how much homework they need to get done, or how much time they have to run and play.

I am old, you are old, I am also old, you are just not as old as I am. I will forever be an old fart.

This is why parents are so important. They need to be there to make sure that their kids do not get lazy in the middle of the school day, that they do not grow lazy and get into the habit of not being good students, that their kids get good enough at their homework, that they do not start skipping class, that they don’t burn out. They need to be there to coach, to check in, to keep an eye on their kids.

The point is that if we’re old then it’s inevitable that we will be old. It’s just that if we’re old, we are also old like our parents.

The point is that we should learn to be good, to be good parents, to do our homework, to be good students, to be good as we get older. The point is that we should be good.

that we do not burn out. That is a key phrase for me. We should be there to coach, to check in, to keep an eye on our kids, to be there to ensure that they don’t burn out.

My kids are getting older. They are growing up, at the very least, and that is what they do. They are getting older.

And then one day we forget. We forget that we forget and that is the point. It’s like a reminder we have to pay attention to. It is not just a “good” reminder, it is a reminder that we have to be there, that we have to be constantly on the lookout for signs that something is off.

No one is perfect. I mean, I was a little bit of an expert on death-defying robots, but in my opinion, you never know. You never know what’s going to happen. You never know, and you never know, because the only thing that really matters is what happens next. It’s not about the end of time, it’s about what you’ll do.

I think this is the real problem with our culture. We think we live in a universe where everything is going to work out in our favor, but we live in a world where we can’t actually control what happens. We still think we can, but we can’t. What happened to all those times you’ve been told that you were going to die? Or to all those times you were told that you were going to go to heaven? Now it seems to happen every day.

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