what does /gen mean

The term /gen is an abbreviation for /gene/ (genes). A /gene/ is a specific set of DNA. It is a sequence of bases that gives every cell the opportunity to grow, divide, and replicate. The word /gen/ is most often used to refer to a specific gene.

Genes is a term that many people don’t understand because it’s such a complicated concept to grasp. It’s important to remember that genes are a basic unit of inheritance. That means that each individual must inherit a copy of every gene in the population. So, just because a person inherits a gene from his father, that doesn’t mean that his father inherited the same gene from his mother.

The issue is that a gene is a specific genetic sequence. There is no gene that is the same from person to person. A person can inherit a gene from his father, but that doesnt mean that the father inherited the same gene from his mother. In fact, this is how the term “genetic inheritance” came into being.

Genes are inherited from fathers to sons but not from mothers to daughters. This is why having two brothers is a good thing, as opposed to just having a son. This concept is called genetic linkage, and it is the basis of genetic inheritance.

What I’m talking about here is something I’ve never heard of, so I’m not sure if it’s real or just a theory. But it is a theory, and it makes sense that if your parents are genetically identical, you might inherit the same genes from both your parents. For example, if there is an identical twin, the genetic difference among them is going to be tiny.

I don’t have a degree in genetics, but I do know that my dad’s dad is identical to me. This is because my dad’s dad and I share 100% of our DNA. This is why it makes sense that we would all share the same genes. This is something that could be said about siblings and parents and children, but it doesn’t apply to identical twins.

The same person could be called the same person, and have the same DNA, but if you inherit the same genes, you have the same DNA. Since I don’t know who the twins are, I can’t tell you how many of my parents are identical to me, except that I have zero genetic connections.

This makes sense. I mean, I know my parents arent identical. But I know that my mom and dad arent twins. So this doesn’t really apply to them.

Just because I’m not identical doesnt mean my parents are not. The DNA test doesn’t tell you anything about my parents. The test is about my mother. So I have to get tested to see if my mother is identical to my father. And I dont know how to do that. I am alsont an identical twin. But I amnt a different person from the ones I have. I dont have a DNA test for my mother. So I dont know how to get tested.

You probably do not know how to get tested. If you have a DNA test for your mother, it is a lot easier to get tested for your father. We do not recommend getting a DNA test for your mother unless you are absolutely sure that she is not identical to your father. We recommend getting tested for your father because he seems to be a lot closer to your biological father than your mother is.

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