So High School Lyrics by Syd Barrett was released as part of his self-titled debut solo album in 1970. The song encapsulates Barrett’s unique musical style, characterized by poetic lyrics and dream-like melodies. Decades after its release, the lyrics of So High School continue to captivate and intrigue listeners, inviting interpretation and analysis. In this article, we will delve deep into the hidden meanings and symbolism within the lyrics of this enigmatic song, unraveling its cryptic messages and exploring the themes that lie beneath the surface.

The Enigmatic Verses

The lyrics of So High School are replete with symbolism and metaphor, painting a surreal and vivid picture for the listener. The opening lines, “Plastic people wearing plastic hearts / Speaking plastic words and doing unkind things” set the tone for the song, hinting at a world filled with superficiality and insincerity. The use of the word “plastic” is symbolic of artificiality and fakeness, suggesting a lack of authenticity in human interactions.

As the song progresses, Barrett’s imagery becomes even more intriguing and obscure. Lines like “Yellow finger, pink eraser, chasing crayon / Paper mind in bits of plaster” evoke a sense of fragmented thoughts and disjointed realities. The juxtaposition of colors and textures adds to the surreal quality of the lyrics, creating a dreamscape where logic and reason seem to blur.

Themes and Interpretations

One of the key themes explored in So High School is the alienation and disconnection that often accompany social interactions. Barrett’s depiction of “children playing grown-up games / In the rain” highlights the idea of individuals trying to fit into societal norms and roles, even if they feel out of place or misunderstood. The reference to rain could symbolize sadness or melancholy, suggesting that this quest for conformity comes at a price.

Another central theme in the song is the conflict between illusion and reality. The repeated refrain of “How do you feel?” hints at a sense of emptiness and void beneath the surface of everyday interactions. The repetitive nature of this question underscores the hollowness of social niceties, prompting the listener to consider the deeper emotions that lie unspoken.

Unlocking the Mysteries

To truly appreciate the depth of So High School Lyrics, it is essential to look beyond the literal meanings of the words and delve into the underlying symbolism and imagery. Barrett’s poetic language invites multiple interpretations and perspectives, encouraging listeners to find personal resonance in the song’s enigmatic verses. By exploring themes of alienation, illusion, and disconnection, So High School invites us to reflect on our own experiences and perceptions of the world around us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What inspired Syd Barrett to write So High School Lyrics?
  2. Syd Barrett’s experiences with fame and the music industry are believed to have influenced the themes of alienation and disillusionment in the song.

  3. What is the significance of the title “So High School”?

  4. The title “So High School” may reflect Barrett’s critique of societal norms and the superficiality of human interactions often associated with adolescence.

  5. How do critics interpret the surreal imagery in So High School Lyrics?

  6. Critics often view the surreal imagery in the song as a reflection of Barrett’s mental state at the time, characterized by introspection and a sense of detachment from reality.

  7. What impact did So High School have on Barrett’s solo career?

  8. So High School, along with other songs on the self-titled album, showcased Barrett’s unique musical style and lyrical prowess, solidifying his reputation as a visionary songwriter.

  9. Are there any live performances of So High School by Syd Barrett?

  10. While live recordings of Syd Barrett performing So High School are scarce, bootleg recordings from his solo concerts in the 1970s occasionally feature the song.


As we unravel the hidden depths of So High School Lyrics, we are reminded of Syd Barrett’s genius as a lyricist and artist. Through his cryptic symbols and surreal imagery, Barrett invites us to explore the complexities of human emotion and interaction, urging us to look beyond the surface and seek meaning in the mundane. So High School remains a testament to Barrett’s artistic vision and continues to inspire listeners with its enigmatic messages and timeless themes.

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